El Cielo – Playa Paraíso

Massive apartment with a great terrace looking out to sea on Playa Paraíso. The apartment is situated in the complex called El Cielo – more info here

Good news as Los Cristianos prepares for Phase 2

I spent a couple of hours walking around Los Cristianos to find out how the town is getting ready for the start of Phase 2 next week…good news, we’re on the move. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss out on other videos…http://bit.ly/2UUysxC

Day 1 of Phase 1 de-escalation in Tenerife

I took a drive the long way round to my office today…it’s the first day of the first phase of the lockdown being lifted. Plenty of quiet beaches but things are looking positive for Tenerife and the Canary Islands

The Tenerife property market & Coronavirus early 2020

I thought this month’s newsletter might be good to do on video. So, have a look down below, there’ll be some answers to some of your questions. Maybe you’re thinking about buying, maybe you’re thinking about selling. So let us get into the questions. A lot of people are probably thinking is now a good … Read more

How will COVID-19 affect Tenerife?

As I finish my seemingly more regular lunch of a cheese sandwich and a couple of glasses of red wine, I’m thinking that this will have to stop when we get back to normal, my doctor certainly wouldn’t approve at all…but the question of normality stuck in my mind…what will normal be when we get … Read more

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