What is the Spanish way of life?

What is the Spanish way of life? One of the most commonly mentioned reasons for people wanting to live in Tenerife and Spain in general, is “the Spanish way of life”, but what is the Spanish way of life? What does it entail and is it really any different to the way of life you … Read more

El Cine Los Cristianos Tenerife

El Cine in Los Cristianos Tenerife has been one of our favourites for years, in fact when my wife and I got married here in Tenerife in 2004, one night we came with all of our friends that had come over for the week of our wedding…a great night…!!! Founded in 1987, El Cine Los Cristianos … Read more

Typical food and drink of Tenerife – Gofio

Gofio is a very typical food from the Canary Islands, it can even be dated back to the Guanches, the aboriginals of the Canary Islands, who would have made it from barley and certain ferns and eaten it as a staple in their diet.

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