Guardia Civil in Tenerife during the 50s

For anyone that reads this blog on a regular basis, you will know that I love Tenerife and also its history.  For example, I have written about Halloween in Tenerife, Carnaval in Tenerife and of course the restaurants and bars here too. Yesterday I was out with clients viewing properties for sale and we stopped in a … Read more

Odd things you find in old houses

The other day we were asked to take details and photos of an old Canarian villa house in Chío. The property itself needs quite a bit of work…well, that depends on how you want to live actually, anyway, I digress. When we opened up the doors downstairs under the main living area, as it is … Read more

Driving in Tenerife

Here’s a question for you…do you know what is the worst selling item in the whole of Tenerife and in fact, probably in the whole of the Canary Islands?…the answer – indicator bulbs. The thing is, they are hardly ever used and so rarely wear out – it’s a great idea for saving money, but not … Read more

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