Why I think the real estate industry in the Canary Islands should be regulated

Should the real estate industry in the Canary Islands should be regulated? I’m concerned about the Real Estate industry here in Tenerife and when I say concerned, I’m really concerned. I’m not worried about the market itself, that’s doing well at the moment – what worries me are some of the agents and some of the … Read more

Why do the same properties for sale in Tenerife have different prices or are sold – yet still being advertised?

If ever you’ve been looking for a property for sale in Tenerife on the internet, you’re almost sure to have come across this problem in the past. There you are searching away…all the websites look the same…most of the properties you’re interested look very similar or even duplicated with different agents but the same photos but, after … Read more

Are prices going crazy in Tenerife?

In recent years property prices have been depressed in all areas of Spain, including the Canary Islands. Thanks mainly to the financial crisis and lack of lending from the banks, property purchases were limited to those that had funds to hand and as such, fewer buyers meant a reduction in prices.Now the crisis is over…or at least for most of … Read more

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