Guachinche Los Cristianos

At last…there is a guachinche in Los Cristianos. In all honesty, and I hope that the owners don’t take offence, but it’s not a 100% true guachinche.

El Cine Los Cristianos Tenerife

El Cine in Los Cristianos Tenerife has been one of our favourites for years, in fact when my wife and I got married here in Tenerife in 2004, one night we came with all of our friends that had come over for the week of our wedding…a great night…!!! Founded in 1987, El Cine Los Cristianos … Read more

Tenerife Carnaval 2013

Well its the time of year again that the child comes out in everyone again… No, its not Christmas again it’s carnival time…!!! Every year Carnaval brings the sights and sounds of something different and this year of course is no different, this year Carnaval is paying homage to Bollywood.  Said to be the second … Read more

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