Los Cristianos Carnival Tenerife – 2012

Los Cristianos Carnival Tenerife 2012.  I decided to go behind the scenes to look at the final preparations to get the parade ready.

The dance groups, bands and performers all congregate at the end of Avenida Juan Carlos 1.  The noise of the bands seem to be competing with one another as they all warm up and have their final practise before the off.

The atmosphere is great, excited children and excited parents, band masters, dancers, group leaders all preparing for the procession that leads from one end of Avenida Juan Carlos 1 near the Arona Gran hotel in Los Cristianos, past the bars, past Princesa Dacil Hotel, past the Los Cristianos bus station and further up the road to finish up at the top where the fairground is situated.

To watch the video for the carnival preparations…

…and here’s the video of the parade…

The carnival season is coming to an end for 2012, there will be a few more parades to perform in a few towns, but after that, all of the gloriously coloured and decorated costumes will have to be stored away until next time…I wonder where they go…I’ll have to try and find out.

This year’s carnival in Los Cristianos was just as good as any others that I have been to here over the years.  Amazingly the dancers still seem to have some energy left after not only walking up the hill towards the Princesa Dacil Hotel, but dancing up the hill too.

Have a look at the videos and I hope you get the feel and the general atmosphere that was going on.

Great costumes.

Great crowds.

Great entertainment.

…and above all a great afternoon out at the Los Cristianos Carnival Tenerife..

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