Is the 90 day rule going to be cancelled?

Navigating the 90-Day Rule: Exploring Options for Extended Stays in Spain and what the future may bring.

Understanding the 90-Day Rule:

– The Schengen Area, comprising twenty-seven member states like Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Belgium, and Croatia, offers freedom of movement. Post-Brexit, Britons are now considered third-country nationals and are subject to the 90-day rule, restricting them to stay for no more than 90 days within any rolling 180 in the Schengen Area.

– For Brits with a second home in Spain, the 90-day limit can be restrictive, impacting their desire to immerse in Spain’s lifestyle beyond the given timeframe.

Calls for Change:

– Spain’s acting Tourism Minister, Héctor Gómez, recognises the adverse economic impact of the 90-day rule on Spain, despite still being a top destination for UK holidaymakers and property buyers.

– Gómez is actively advocating for the end of the rule, prompting discussions with the UK’s Director of Consular Affairs and Crisis, Jennifer Anderson, to explore potential alterations.

Developments in France:

– In France, MPs are set to debate a proposed bill in December, aiming to grant automatic long-stay visa rights to Brits who own holiday homes in the country…could this happen here in Spain?

Exploring Visa Options:

While awaiting potential changes to the 90-day rule, people seeking extended stays in Spain can explore the following visa options to see if they meet the criteria:

1. Digital Nomad Visa:

   – Ideal for remote workers, this visa allows a stay of up to twelve months.

   – Requires a minimum monthly income of €2,334.

   – Offers a reduced tax rate of 15% during the first four years of residency.

2. Golden Visa:

   – A residency by investment scheme through business or property investment.

   – Popular choice: Purchase property worth €500,000 or more using your own funding – ie, no mortgage.

3. Non-Lucrative Visa:

   – Suited for retirees or those not reliant on work for income.

   – Requires a monthly income of €2,400 for the first applicant, more based upon the extra people being added to that particular visa application.

Moving Forward:

While the discussions for rule changes progress, exploring these visa options can provide a pathway for those eager to extend their stay and fully experience the charm of Tenerife. 

Stay tuned for updates as governments work towards solutions that cater to the evolving needs of travellers and expatriates.

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