How will COVID-19 affect Tenerife?

As I finish my seemingly more regular lunch of a cheese sandwich and a couple of glasses of red wine, I’m thinking that this will have to stop when we get back to normal, my doctor certainly wouldn’t approve at all…but the question of normality stuck in my mind…what will normal be when we get … Read more

How much is my property worth in Tenerife?

How much is my property worth in Tenerife? – A question that arises quite often in my world. If you’ve sold a property in the UK over recent years, you’ll have heard of Zoopla. On this site and maybe some others do it now as well, there’s data about how much the houses in your particular road sold for over … Read more

Are prices going crazy in Tenerife?

In recent years property prices have been depressed in all areas of Spain, including the Canary Islands. Thanks mainly to the financial crisis and lack of lending from the banks, property purchases were limited to those that had funds to hand and as such, fewer buyers meant a reduction in prices.Now the crisis is over…or at least for most of … Read more

The Tenerife Property market during 2017

10 years after the brakes were put on the rising prices…how is the Spanish market, especially the Tenerife property market? During the Spanish property boom, prices went through the roof but abruptly came to a screeching halt in 2007 when the ceiling fell in on the property market – I hope you liked the use … Read more

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