Driving in Tenerife

Here’s a question for you…do you know what is the worst selling item in the whole of Tenerife and in fact, probably in the whole of the Canary Islands?…the answer – indicator bulbs. The thing is, they are hardly ever used and so rarely wear out – it’s a great idea for saving money, but not … Read more

Why I think the real estate industry in the Canary Islands should be regulated

Should the real estate industry in the Canary Islands should be regulated? I’m concerned about the Real Estate industry here in Tenerife and when I say concerned, I’m really concerned. I’m not worried about the market itself, that’s doing well at the moment – what worries me are some of the agents and some of the … Read more

7 myths debunked about buying property in Tenerife

The government can knock down your home legally whenever they want.  This has come about over the past few years from stories of properties having been built illegally and were therefore knocked down. The thing is that the developers more than likely paid the local town councillors who then paid other relevant people and “building permission” was given. I’m … Read more

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