Las Americas Tenerife

Playa de Las Américas – the beach of the Americans, widely believed that it is so called due to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton having bought property in the area in years gone by.

Playa de Las Américas is the real centre for the tourist trade of Tenerife and has been since the late 50’s early 60’s when land that had very little use due to the lack of water and general hot climate was developed with hotels, apartment blocks and sandy beaches.

Las Américas has a generally sunny climate as it is situated in the south of Tenerife and extends from Montaña Chayofita – the small mountain between Los Cristianos and Las Americas – up to Playa del Bobo, and oddly is situated within two municipalities, Arona and Adeje.

The town has a very mixed nationality it is populated by just over 21,000 inhabitants, plus the many many tourists.

One of the main attractions of Las Américas is Las Veronicas also known as “The Strip”.  This is an area that was once a tranquil road with bars, cafés and nightclubs but over the years has developed into a teenagers and twenty something’s paradise.

Apart from the nightlife in Las Américas there is an abundance of water sports both in Las Américas itself and slightly outside, in Puerto Colon.

Restaurants, bars and cafés are a plenty in Playa de Las Américas ranging from typical Spanish tapas bars and restaurants to Thai, Indian and of course British fare…there is even the contentiously named Gordon Ramseys…which actually has nothing to do with the “Cussing Chef”.

There are a few miles of golden sandy beaches that can be walked and sun loungers are currently available for less than €10 a day.  The beaches are popular pretty much all year round.

The many attractions are close to the resort such as the two water parks, Aqua Park and Siam Park, both of which are within walking distance.

Properties in Las Americas range from a diverse assortment of hotels of differing star ratings, apartments for both tourists and residents alike to some beautiful villas, in fact over recent years there has been an increase in luxury hotels being built for the more discerning visitor.

Being a 20 – 25 minute drive away from the airport using the TF1 motorway, it is ideally situated for visitors who land at the south airport.  Taxi fares are approximately €25  for a one way trip.

The main Las Américas bus station is towards the back of the town but central for most hotels and apartment complexes and there is a taxi rank just outside the station for those that are a little further than walking distance.

The beaches are about a 5 or 10 minute walk away from the bus station.

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