Legal Representatives

It is good advice to hire your own independent legal representative.  The buying procedure in Tenerife is different than in your own country.

Some estate agencies say that they will do the conveyancing for you “in house”, which could lead to problems if it is not carried out correctly. 

There is no better advice than to use someone who has been recommended to you by someone who has used a particular law firm in the past and had good service. 

When asking for a quotation, it is advisable to get the firm in question to include all the possible extras that might be incurred.  That way, at least you’ll have the costing for a worst case scenario.

Clearly, if you are going to buy a property here in Tenerife makes sense to employ a lawyer or a gestor.  It might be worth your while at least calling for a quotation from them, that way; you have something you can compare to if you choose to contact or use anyone else.

If you’d like me to recommend the lawyer that we use, then please send me an email.

Notary Offices

Juan Pablo Samaniego Loarte

Church Square, Av. Los Playeros 25, Los Cristianos 38650 +34 922 75 71 24

Sobrino y Luna

Edf Da Vinci, Calle del Valle Menéndez, 20-A, 1° Los Cristianos 38650 +34 922 71 22 73

Roberto Cutillas Morales 

Centro Comerciál San Eugenio Local 79 San Eugenio 38680 +34 922 71 45 16

Nicolás García Castilla

Calle Ramón Martín Artista, 1 C.C. Mensey, Local 30 Los Cristianos 38650 +34 922 78 82 86

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