Property prices and sales in Tenerife – January 2023

So this is the year-on-year change. This is going from what January 22 was like and what’s January 23 like. And this is how it’s gone and changed through the year. So, we can see that Arona, Los Cristianos, Adeje, and Costa Adeje, you can see the increases there. Quite a lot of increases around the Costa Adeje area. So these are costs in thousand euros per meter squared. So, I’ll give you an example here. January 2022, general area, the municipality of Arona, the average there was 2,383 euros per meter squared for properties that were being sold. These are sold prices because we can get some of them. They’re not exactly perfect. Nothing’s going to be perfect here because nothing’s real. It’s all recorded on your deeds and all the rest of it. It’s all recorded. But 20,000 euros gets put under the table, which often goes on here.
It is not a true report of how much that property sold for, but you can see that they’ve their own sales as an increase of three and a half percent between these two figures. And we’ve Los Cristianos that’s shot up. So Los Cristianos itself is shot up. Los Cristianos is in Arona itself. So that’s shot up there. You can see the difference between those two figures. And then we’ve got a debt here itself, 20% increase and then cost of echo, much the same 20% increase. So let’s now have a look on the month on month. So a lot shorter gap in time. So we’ve got only, but in fact a little drop there in a Arona itself since December and January, December 22, January 23, again, thousand euros per meter squared sold. Slight increase month on month for Los Cristianos. We’ve got, again, slight increase and slight increase for Adeje itself, the actual municipality,
This is an interesting slide here, which shows the market snapshot of Arona, the actual area. So we can see that the number of properties for sale, this is in the whole of Tenerife, 9,613. That is captured at the last day or so of January. So we make a note of that. And then we’ve got a number of properties for sale currently in the municipality of Arona, at that particular time, I say it’s a snapshot, 1,688. And the average asking price, so this is what we see as an average per meter square to what people are asking.
So Los Cristianos, that 1,688 is the number we’ve taken from here, which is the number of properties available for sale in Arona, the actual municipality. And then in Los Cristianos, 444 properties. Again, this is the end of January. And the average asking price, then there’d be 4,000 euros per square meter. And then we go to Adeje, the municipality. So again, same thing at 9,613 properties available for sale in Adeje itself, 1,631. So again, the actual municipality there. And then we’ve got the average asking price of properties within the municipality of 3,823.
Now Las Americas is split between Arona and Adeje, so it’s a little bit different. But I take the Las Americas side as being part of, under the Adeje thing. So again, 1,631. So that figure comes from here. Number of properties for sale in Adeje itself, 1,631. Number of properties in Las Americas, 167. So not very many properties on the market at the moment. And those properties are on the market and the average asking is 4,400 euros per meter squared. Now because Adeje is really, really long, it goes from halfway into Las Americas, right the way along through to Callao Salvaje, which is, if you look at the map, it’s a large area. So there are 948 properties for sale, or they were end of January at the average asking price of 4,390 Euros. So everything has gone up big time. Big time.

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