Santa Cruz de Tenerife chosen as a top 5 place to live in the world

Tom Dyckhoff, a journalist for the Guardian newspaper, has suggested that Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the top 5 places to live in the world if you have had enough of the UK and want to go to where the grass is greener.

Clearly he makes 4 other suggestions before mentioning Santa Cruz, but to be fair none of his choices are actually numbered, so I think he probably meant to put it in first position.

His recommendations for places to live, places to see and places to be seen in are fair, but his likening Santa Cruz in size to Leicester “only, alas, without its charms…” I find a bit tough, although I have never been to Leicester, so maybe I would find its charms much more alluring than Santa Cruz… although I doubt it.

He makes a distinction that Santa Cruz is a different type of Tenerife than most Brits would know and further says that you probably wouldn’t want to admit that you live in Tenerife, which I find totally unfair however, the fact that the great island of Tenerife has been mentioned and furthermore in a well read, popular, newspaper has its benefits for our island.

If you want to read his article about Santa Cruz, be prepared to be affronted…unless of course you hail from Leicester.

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