Thoughts on Tenerife

On this page you’ll find people being interviewed by Simon about their thoughts and experiences of the buying and selling process here in Tenerife.

There are people of all ages and different walks of life who give valuable advice about their own experiences of the process that they went through and they talk about their best tips, things they wish they’d known to start with and what, if anything, they’d do differently next time.

Lyn and John – Arona Tenerife – Thoughts on Tenerife Episode #1

John and Lyn bought a village house in Arona in 2013 and in this, the first episode of a series I’m calling “Thoughts on Tenerife”, they explain what their first concerns were about buying here in Tenerife, their experiences of buying, their top tip and also how they’ve integrated with the Canarian community.

Thoughts on Tenerife – Carsten & Birgith – Playa Fañabé Tenerife – Thoughts on Tenerife Episode #2

Carsten and Birgith bought a property in Playa Fañabé Tenerife and have owned it since 2019. It’s a holiday home as they live in Denmark and in this video Carsten describes the journey and how they came about buying their own place in the sun.

Thoughts on Tenerife – George and Libby – Los Cristianos Tenerife – Thoughts on Tenerife Episode #3

George and Libby bought a property in Los Cristianos in 2019. They’d been going on holiday to the same complex for 30 years and felt that was exactly where they wanted to have a holiday home. In this episode George explains what they had to do to buy it, why it took them a little bit longer to decide to buy and why they had to act quicker than they’d hoped.

Richard & Marie – El Médano Tenerife – Thoughts on Tenerife Episode #4

Richard and Marie bought an apartment in Sotavento, right next to El Médano in Tenerife back in 2015 and have loved it ever since. They’ve seen the area build up and improve over the years and in this episode they talk about what they were concerned about before they decided to buy and the very scientific way in which they decided that Tenerife would be the place for their second home.

Roger and Jane – Los Cristianos Tenerife – Thoughts on Tenerife Episode #5

Roger and Jane bought a house “off plan” which means they bought it brand new before anyone had lived in it.

They bought in Los Cristianos and are using it for their own use as well as allowing their friends and family to use it, they don’t rent it at all.

In this video they talk about how they made their decision, what made them buy a couple of years earlier than they had originally thought and also a tip about footwear that you wouldn’t even think about when buying a property in Tenerife.

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