What taxes do I have to pay If I’m buying a property in Spain?

There are a number of overall costs that you’ll need to pay when buying a property in Spain but the main tax that gets paid to the government for buying second hand property is called Impuestos de Transmisiones Patrimoniales or ITP for short.

Generally speaking, secondhand property purchase tax throughout Spain ranges between 6% and 11% but it totally depends on where abouts in Spain you’re actually buying a property.

In fact, if you click the following link you’ll be able to find the article that I’ve written explaining the whole procedure and the related costs about buying a property in Spain.

There is 17 autonomous communities in Spain, but there are a couple of municipalities within those autonomous communities that have slightly different tax regimes, so I’ve set them apart here.

You can find the IPT rate for each Spanish Community here:-

Andalucía8-10%Depends on property value
Aragón8-10%Depends on property value
Asturias8-10%Depends on property value
Balearic Islands8-11%Depends on property value
Canary islands6.5%
Cantabria10%Some exceptions for large families
Castilla La mancha9%
Castilla & Leon8%
Ceuta & Melilla6%
Extremadura8-11%Depends on property value
La Rioja7%
Basque Country7%

I’ll check these figures each year in case they change but my suggestion is that you always need to make sure with your lawyer or gestor what the latest up to date figures are but this is what they are as I write this article.

The figures above are the taxes for buying a second hand property, buying a new property is different in as much as you’ll be charged the rate of IVA (VAT) which is chargeable at the time.

On top of the IVA at the time of purchase, there’ll be another charge to for extra paperwork to be done in the notary office.

This usually amounts to between 0.75-1% of the purchase price.

So, don’t forget that you’ll have to add these fees, whether it’s IPT or IVA on top of the agreed purchase price that you’re going to be buying the property for.

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