6 Ideas for selling your Tenerife home faster

So, you’ve had your holiday home here a while now, you’ve had good times and glad times, maybe a few sad times but now the time has come that you want to sell your property in Tenerife.

I’ve written before about the taxes and fees you’ll need to pay as a seller, if you haven’t seen those, you can find them on my website easily enough, but in this article I’m going to give you a few pointers to make your property that much easier to sell.

Here are 6 tips to help you on your way…

  • Check out your proposed estate agent’s online marketing. Reports show that 92% of home buyers search online before making any decision about whether or not they want to go and see any particular property…I’d imagine the number is the same, if not more for buyers thinking about buying property in Tenerife because they’re not sure of the areas and types of properties and so searching online has got to be one of their first ports of call. If the online marketing of the estate agent that you want to engage is poor, then what chance do you think you’ve got in getting your property in front of potential buyers? For example, have they got more than 1 picture showing the property for sale? Do a search on Google as if you’re looking to buy a property in Tenerife, who comes up? Do they look inviting? Do you think that you’d use them if you were buying? If you get positive feelings and results from those ideas, it’s safe to assume that potential buyers will think the same.
  • First impressions count, we all know that. OK, that’s obvious, we’re all aware of that one but seriously, have a think about what any prospective buyer is going to see first. Are they going to see a dry garden, walls that need re-painting or windows that need replacing? This is going to set off the alarm bells and those people that are not interested in carrying out any repair work could be put off straight away. Here’s the thing, there are buyers that want to buy cheap and are happy to do some work on the property and there are buyers that want to buy and move straight in … which type of buyer are you aiming for?
  • Homes that don’t get shown don’t get sold. Gaining access to the property is essential if you want to sell it. There are times when maybe it’s not possible to accommodate the wishes of the potential buyer and agent’s agenda but do what you can to make the property available for viewing at almost any time, even if it means leaving the key with a trusted neighbour. If buyers have to make arrangements around your plans, they may just cross it off the list of potential properties to view. Very often we get properties that are situated on legally rentable complexes and for obvious reasons, we’re unable to gain access because there are holiday makers in the property, this does cause a problem and can really delay the time at which the property gets sold.
  • If you’re serious about selling – get serious about your pricing. Thanks to the Internet, today’s buyers can be quite educated about pricing so this will also have an impact on whether any potential buyers are going to ask for your property to be put on their viewing list. If the property is priced above other similar properties on the same complex or in the same area, then they’re going to be looking for a really good reason for the higher asking price. If the property has been totally refurbished and it’s just a case of any new owner bringing in their suitcases and moving in, then make sure your agent talks about that in their marketing details, so that any potential buyer can see why it’s being priced above other similar properties.
  •  You’re going to like this…not a lot…but, listen to your estate agent. If you’ve got hold of an experienced estate agent in Tenerife, then use their experience to your advantage and ask them what they think you could do to make the property more attractive to potential buyers and what their view is on pricing the property. A blob of paint here and there, buying some new outdoor plants, tidying up your wardrobe and de-personalising doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive but you’ll reap massive benefits from it though. The properties that look the best in the photos and in real life coupled with being priced well, get the most visits, therefore they get the better opportunity to sell. The agent is working for you, you’ll be paying them to get clients through the door to buy, so use their experience to help you sell faster.
  • Oh, go on then…last one… We’ve got dogs at home and we love them, loads of people love dogs and cats…but NOT EVERYONE does. If you’ve got a viewing arranged on your property and you’ve got an animal living in your home, maybe see if you can have the dog taken for a walk while the property viewing is going on, or if it’s a cat, perhaps a neighbour can look after it for 40 minutes while your potential buyers have a good mooch about your place not being jumped on, chased, scratched or licked to death. It’s worth considering…we all love our own furry friends, they’re part of our family, but there are occasions when they are better not to be seen, and selling your home is one of them.

If you’re interested in selling your property, there’s an informative guide for sellers which tells you all about the fees and taxes that you’ll be liable to pay.

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