Diane Infante Lantin

Property Types

  • 70% Apartment
  • 20% House
  • 10% Finca

Property Status

  • 89% For Sale
  • 11% Sold

Property Cities

  • 11% Playa de Arena
  • 11% Roque del Conde
  • 11% Alcalá
  • 67% Other

About Diane Infante Lantin

Let’s get to know Diane a little more…

What was your first job after leaving school? – Babysitter.

What was the first car you ever owned? – Volkswagen Golf.

What is your biggest achievement in life? – My family and achieved goals over the years of trying to get out of the comfort zone. 

“My previous jobs had always been ‘just a job’, but I feel that the role I hold now is more important than that; it has purpose and gives me a lot of satisfaction.” – Helen Marshall

When did you move to Tenerife? – Year 2000 when I was just 15 years old.

What made you come to live in Tenerife? – I was obliged to move by my parents. When I was young and in love back in the Philippines, I thought it was a nightmare to move. But later I met the people who are kind and welcoming. The weather is amazingly similar to my home land. Every corner has its beautiful surprises.

What’s your favourite thing about Tenerife? – You can always find something to do anytime of the year. I really love the sea and its creatures, and my favourite thing about Tenerife is to swim with turtles, butterfly rays, and some types of stingrays. Many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Also, proximity to other islands to travel and change scenery. 

What’s your favourite Tenerife bar? – My balcony, overlooking the sea. 🙂 I love Roca negra, in Playa Paraiso. Especially during sunset, it is just beautiful.

What’s your favourite Tenerife restaurant? – I love food, so I love all of the restaurants here in Tenerife. But I recommend Cobijo up in Arona and Agua y sal in Tajao.

What’s your favourite Tenerife beach? – I do not want to have a favourite in particular. There are so many nooks and hidden corners and small hidden beaches in the south. But I love going to Diego Hernandez and Las Vistas beach as it is great for the kids.

What would make you leave Tenerife? – Hmm.. Can not think of anything…

What’s your favourite film of all time? – I am not a movie person… So to be honest I am not sure if I have a favourite film…

What’s your favourite food? – Sushi 🍣

Do you have any hobbies? – Read books, Home DIY projects, Monarch butterfly raising, snorkelling.

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