Costa del Silencio Tenerife

Costa del Silencio was one for the first resorts to be built in the 1960’s in Tenerife.  Costa del Silencio is, as its name suggests, quite a tranquil area.  Being only a 10 minute drive from the airport, it has built up in popularity over the years.

There is not much beach to talk of in Costa del Silencio, the complex of Amarilla Bay is close to the sea and the Montaña Amarilla, the yellow mountain, where there is a small bay that allows access to the sea and is a good spot for sunbathers.

The area of Costa del Silencio includes the complex of Ten Bel.  This was a joint development of businesses from Tenerife and Belgium, hence the name Ten Bel.

It was a very popular holiday destination for Tenerifian families from the north, where many families bought holiday apartments for their weekend trips and summer holidays.

The area has a generally cosmopolitan feel, thanks to the mix of nationalities, amongst the Spanish and British, you’ll find Belgians, Dutch, French and Germans.

The shopping complex of Coral Mar is generally frequented by the Brits, where good food and drink is served for most of the day.

Just outside the Coal Mar square, is a bust of José Antonio Tavio, he was the main designer of the Costa del Silencio resort.

There are many roads named after him throughout Tenerife, not least of which is the main avenue running through this town.

Activities in the town itself are based around relaxation, gastronomy and music, of which there is an abundance of all 3.  There are a number of bars in the Costa del Silencio area that have live bands playing and as there are a number of nationalities, there is a great choice of food from an array of European countries.

Although there are not many beaches, it is a very popular resort for diving that takes place around the coast of Costa del Silencio.  There are tennis courts and bowling all in close proximity too.

TITSA, the bus company in Tenerife have a regular bus service from Costa del Silencio to all of the local resorts.

Buses go out to Las Americas and Los Cristianos, where you can change buses at the main bus stations to head off to the north of the island.  Buses also go to El Médano and San Isidro and up to Granadilla from there and there is also a service leaving Costa del Silencio going up to Santa Cruz.

Costa del Silencio isn’t much of a traditional Tenerifian town, but being just a short drive out to the surrounding towns and villages, it has always, and will be for a long time to come, an ideally central position to holidaymakers to stay.

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