Formula 1 track in Tenerife gets green light (Simon I didnt know how to add the videos on the bottom)

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At last, the Cabildo of Tenerife have given the go-ahead for the long awaited “Circuit Tenerife Island”, the Formula 1 track in Tenerife that I wrote about a couple of years ago.

The circuit will be situated close to the village of Atogo, about 2km away from the south airport which will afford great access to the track itself.

Designed by TN y GPO engineers, the circuit will be extremely flexible in its layout, offering 10 different variants in one, ranging from just over 1km up to the full circuit measuring just over 4km in length.

Carlos Alonso, the president of the Cabildo of Tenerife said that “The circuit fits with our vision of Tenerife as a luxury destination with world class 5 star hotels and facilities” In fact, ex-touring car racer Patrick Watts thinks that the circuit has the potential to rub shoulders with the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Monaco historic…both being very popular historic races.

The track has been designed to FIA standards in the hopes that one day the teams of Formula one will travel there for an annual race on the calendar. Whether the circuit will ever hold a formula one event remains to be seen as Spain already holds 1 annual event, but due to the great weather and hot conditions the circuit could very well be used for testing the cars leading up to the competition.

Top speeds are expected from formula one cars in excess of 300 kmh and this equates to some of the most recently designed F1 circuits for example those in Sochi, Russia and Austin Texas in the United States and as well as high speed straights the circuit includes high and low speed corners giving the drivers a great deal to think about.

I looked on Google maps and there is now an impression of where the circuit is planned to be built, click the maps link here to see for yourself.

I went recently to see the track for myself and did a couple of videos on facebook…

July 2017

March 2017

November 2016

To see the official website, you used to be able to click the following link but as of the end of 2019, the link leads to nothing, let’s hope that’s not a bad omen for the track development – go on have a look and see if it’s working now – Formula 1 track in Tenerife.

Edit – 08/08/2016 – Great News, we’ve heard this morning that the Cabildo has given the green light to start the building of the €23m Formula 1 track at the end of this month, 29th August 2016 and the building works should take 2 years.

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