Golf del Sur Tenerife

Golf del Sur, Tenerife is within the  municipality of San Miguel de Abona.  It is mainly a holiday resort and is unsurprisingly surrounded by golf courses.

In fact there is a 27 hole – championship golf course which hosted the Tenerife open Tournaments in 1989, 1992, 1993 and 1994.  Golf del Sur was originally built as a private urbanisation on the San Miguel coast along with the golf course but over time it has become more of a residential village and holiday resort.

There are a couple of shops in the area, in fact a bit further up the road there is the San Blas shopping centre, back on Golf del Sur, there are a number of bars and restaurants offering both Spanish and International cuisine and entertainment is mainly in and around the bars and hotels of the area, although it has to be said that with San Blas just along the road, there is no end of entertainment and restaurants.

Golf del Sur is not far away from Playa de Las Americas or Los Cristianos but the resort itself is reasonably isolated, so you really need a car although there is a reasonably good bus service running through the area.

A couple of things that you should note about Golf del Sur are that it can be a bit windy at times, but many residents tell me that they’re often grateful of the breeze to cool down and secondly Golf del Sur lies under the flight path of the Tenerife Sur airport however; not all of the properties in the area are affected by the noise, so don’t let this put you off automatically, in fact people that live in the area are so used to it, that they hardly even notice when one does come over.

Generally speaking the resort is aimed at the British contingent with bars such as “Grandee O’Donnells” and the “Snug”, a bowling green in the Winter Gardens complex and various residential and holiday complexes in the area catering, again, mainly for the British community.

Golf del Sur is very close to Amarilla Golf, where there is another golf course, which although is not championship standard, is still very playable and enjoyable.

There is a beach, although not sandy, but it is very close to the most recent addition to the area and that is the San Miguel Marina where the Yellow Submarine is situated.

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