Illegal letting in Tenerife

Recently there has been loads of information released about the letting of property both legal and illegal.  The laws have been in place since 1995, but only when the crisis hit and the hotels realised that they were no longer full and that their main competition was actually private owners letting their apartments and villas, did the Canarian Government actually intervene and start enforcing it.

Many property owners and solicitors have been involved and some have been attempting to fight the Government for the owners that have been accused of illegal letting in Tenerife to see if the law can be changed or any fines levied can be reduced in some way.

It has to be said that illegal letting in Tenerife has been going on for quite sometime now, in fact there is more information about it here, but ever since the Government has tried to stamp it out, there have always been people who think that they know better and carry on.  There are also people who may have mortgages on their properties and feel that this is the only way to pay the mortgage because they were not informed about the law by the estate agent that they initially bought the property from some years ago, I’m sorry but it is still illegal.  There are also the “know it alls” in the pubs and bars on the Island who think that they know the way it can be done and get away with it.  It can be done…but whether you get away with it is another matter.

If you would like more information on the laws of illegal letting in Tenerife, click here to read the page on this website or you can click here to go to the Tenerife Weekly newspaper and read a report there.

If in doubt, contact us here at the Tenerife Property Group and ask before you buy anything that you intend to let on a short term basis.

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