Property prices and sales in Tenerife – April 2023

Here are my thoughts on the market snapshot figures that I put out recently for April, 2023.

Don’t forget, it’s always very difficult to get concrete figures in Spain about property prices, sale prices and that sort of thing. But I feel that if I keep using the same data set, then we are going to see the rises and falls of the property prices.

So as we can see year on year property sale prices have increased from somewhere between 13 and up to 28%, depending upon the area that we’re looking at.

So the difference between March and April figures for Los Cristianos, just 1% in this month. But you look at Arona as a whole, it’s over 4%, the municipality of Adeje at just over 4% as well.

And the area of Costa Adeje, a difference of 2.4% between March, 2023 and April, 2023.

Properties for sale, again, are really, really low. Only 369 in Los Cristianos, 142 in Las Americas.

Don’t forget, Las Americas is a split between Los Cristianos and Las Americas itself, and just over a thousand properties for sale throughout Costa Adeje asking price per meter squared has increased again with Costa Adeje reaching an average of nearly 5,000 euros per meter squared. So things are still on the up.

Nothing’s really calming down. The only thing that’s really calming down is the amount of properties that we’ve actually got for sale.

So a lot less to choose from. Is this gonna affect prices for next month? Let’s wait and see.

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