Weather in Tenerife

Recently the weather has been bad.  When I say bad, it’s not as bad as it has been in the UK of late but never-the-less, it has been a poor few weeks here in Tenerife.

February and especially March are renowned for being the two main months of bad weather in Tenerife, and although I have been here for some years, it is still a shock to the system.

This year hasn’t been as bad as last year with regard to the rains.  Last year we had so much rain one day that the Sunday market in Los Cristianos was so flooded that water came up to the waists of the market traders with the loss of thousands of Euros worth of stock and lost business…no, not that bad thankfully.

The thing is, when you are used to having blue skies and sun on a very regular basis and the cold grey skies come and you get the damp evenings, even when you come from grey and damp England and you’ve been used to it for the better part of your life, it’s still not good.

That’s why I’ll be pleased to see the start of Spring next week.  The blue skies and sun will be back on a regular basis and the world of weather in Tenerife will be back to normal.

Please don’t think that its that bad here in February and March though, if you are coming for a holiday during those months, it is almost certainly going to be warmer and sunnier than from where you have come from…especially this year for those of you from the UK .  So many clients and holiday makers are going back to snow…over Easter, they say it’s the worst snow for 50 years in some places…actually thinking about it now, I don’t know why I complain about being cold…I’ll just put some long trousers and a jumper on…!!!

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