Hospital and Healthcare in Tenerife Spain

We very often get questions about the state of the hospitals in Tenerife and the general healthcare system, so here are some details to consider.

A lot of people who consider living in Tenerife are concerned about the healthcare system and the hospitals in Tenerife.

Although I am thankfully not a frequent patient, I have been a frequent visitor to a number of establishments over the years I have been here and I am happy to report that they are all ‘normal’ hospitals – just like the ones you find in the UK.

In fact I’ll go one step further and say they are as good as, if not better than you find in the UK.  I honestly cannot remember hearing of one case of anyone dying from MRSA or the like here in Tenerife.

Hospitals in Tenerife and healthcare

At the bottom of this article I thought I’d give you a quick list of hospitals in Tenerife…although please bear in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive or complete, only my knowledge and thoughts, but first let’s have a look at the healthcare system and the hospitals in Tenerife itself.

How it used to be in Los Cristianos

I wrote this article in 2012, so this paragraph is outdated, so don’t read it if you don’t have time.

If you want updated information about the New Los Cristianos Hospital in the South of Tenerife, read the next paragraph. – We live close to Los Cristianos, so our nearest NHS hospital is El Mojon, which is on the hill above Los Cristianos.

It is currently being developed into a massive general hospital for the south of Tenerife; this will mean that anyone in the south will not have to travel to Santa Cruz to get specialist treatment.

Only the other day I passed the building site where they are adjoining the new site to the current hospital facility and I was amazed at the amount of piles that have been driven into the ground for the new building…it is going to be very impressive.

Currently I have no idea on the actual date that they will complete it but they say that it should be open by the end of 2012.

When it is finished, I would say that it will be probably THE hospital for the south.  There is an emergency department in Los Cristianos, within the Valdez Centre.

This is also where the doctors are for your general check-ups if you live in Los Cristianos.

The new hospital in Tenerife – Los Cristianos – El Mojon Hospital

In fact this hospital is now completed – it’s called El Mojon – and it’s fantastic.

It’s the most modern hospital in Tenerife at the moment.

I’ve been a couple of time (only for checkups, nothing important) and it all flows as smoothly as any other hospital I’ve ever been to.

I understand that this hospital is actually taking over some of the workload from the Candelaria Hospital in Santa Cruz, so that shows how good it is.

Health Cover in Tenerife – what happens?

Things might change once (or maybe I should say IF) Brexit takes place – Under the EAA agreements, there are reciprocal health care agreements in place between member states within the EEC.

Any treatment is obviously only provided by doctors and health care workers employed within the Spanish health care system, so you’re always asked to take a translator with you whenever you go to hospital.

If you ever need to go to see a doctor in an emergency make sure that you make it clear to those on reception or those that are dealing with you that you are covered under the EEC arrangements that are in place – in fact, Brits used to have to have a card called an E111, but that’s been superseded by the European Healthcare Card.

If you don’t have one of these and you fall ill, it’s not the end of the world because it’s been internationally agreed that nobody will be refused heath care if they need it. if you’re here on holiday.

If you come to live in Tenerife and you obtain a “residencia”, or you become self employed or employed with a contract and you get your Social Security documents arranged, you’ll receive a plastic credit card sized medical card.

This card will have all of the essential information and I.D. numbers required by the National Health Service to allow you treatment under the Spanish health system but anyone assisting you must be shown this card before they give you an treatment.

The health care you receive will be the same as that given to entitled Spanish citizen under the Spanish Health Service.

Hospiten Sur – Green Clinic

In between Los Cristianos and Las Americas there is the Hospiten Sur more commonly known as the Green Clinic.

It is a hospital that caters for private patients and NHS patients alike.

My wife was there at the end of 2010 with a broken ankle and the treatment was second to none, she was in early in the morning and operated on within a few hours.

The hospital is very central and close to the bus routes for visitors without cars, but there is plenty of parking for those who do have.

USP Hospital in Las Americas

In Las Americas, there is another hospital called USP Hospital Costa Adeje, this one appears to be more of a private clinic than a hospital.

I have been to this one for a specialist consultation, again a clean and modern looking establishment.

There is parking to the side of this building a short walk away, just around the corner from the main entrance.

NHS Hospitals in Tenerife – Santa Cruz

Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, is situated in Santa Cruz and Hospital Universitario de Canarias based in San Cristóbal de La Laguna are both highly advanced facilities and cater for specialist treatment of all kinds.

They also serve patients from the surrounding Canary Islands.  Both establishments are modern, extremely well equipped and very clean.

There is some parking available within the grounds, but invariably they are being well used, so finding parking nearby might be a better option for you if you go by car.

Hospiten Bellevue – Puerto de La Cruz, Hospiten Tamaragua –  Puerto de La Cruz and Hospiten Rambla – Santa Cruz are all private hospitals within the same group that includes the one mentioned earlier called Hospiten Sur in between Las Americas and Los Cristianos.

If they are run in the same way that the one in the south is, they will be very good, advanced and well run hospitals too, although I have had no experience of those in the north.

Signs are up everywhere in the hospitals that if you do not speak Spanish, you must take a translator.

I personally feel that this is a given because you can’t take risks with your health and just assume that the doctor or nurse will talk English with you or that you are going to understand what is being said.

Contact Numbers for Hospitals in Tenerife

Hospital Costa Adeje, Urb. San Eugenio, Edificio Garajonay, 38660, Adeje. Tel: 922 752626.

Hospiten Sur, Playa de las Américas, 38660, Arona. Tel: 922 750022.

Hospiten Bellevue, Calle Alemania, Urb. San Fernando, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz. Tel: 922 383551.

Hospiten Tamaragua, Calle Agustín de Bethencourt, 30, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz. Tel: 922 380512.

Hospiten Rambla, Rambla General Franco, 115, 38001, Santa Cruz. Tel: 922 291600.

So, that is a brief list of hospitals in Tenerife which I hope you will not have to use, but it’s there should you need to, I have to say that I haven’t tried any of those phone numbers, so please don’t hold me responsible if they’ve changed them.

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