Odd things you find in old houses

The other day we were asked to take details and photos of an old Canarian villa house in Chío. The property itself needs quite a bit of work…well, that depends on how you want to live actually, anyway, I digress.

When we opened up the doors downstairs under the main living area, as it is at the moment, we found an amazing sight.

Old barrels…

a couple of wine containers with wicker protective cover, broken and dusty due to the time they’d been there.

Village house for sale in Tenerife

Strips of wood and old metal, although now rusty, rings to make new and repair old barrels.

Just all there as if time had stood still, really the only thing that gave the game away was the fact that there is electric cable on the ceiling, letting on that in fact the property has moved into at least the 20th Century and has electricity to the building.

What a great find…I’ll let you know if I find any more.

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