Property market in Tenerife – September 2023

Tenerife Property Market for September 2023: What You Need to Know

  • We’ll check out the Tenerife property market for September 2023 and compare it with September 2022 and August 2023. This way, we can see how it has changed over the past year and month.

Year-on-Year Price Changes

  • In the last 12 months, property asking prices have gone up by 21.2%.
  • In Los Cristianos, they increased by 16.2%.
  • Adeje saw a big 30% jump.
  • Costa Adeje had a 22% rise in asking prices.

Month-on-Month Price Changes

  • Between August 2023 and September 2023, prices increased by 1.1% in the whole area.
  • In Los Cristianos, it went up by 0.3%.
  • This month, there wasn’t much change compared to the previous month.
  • The increase in asking prices for August to September was 1.7% for the entire Adeje municipality.
  • Costa Adeje’s prices rose by 1.3%.

Number of Properties for Sale

  • In all of Tenerife, there are almost 9,500 properties up for sale.
  • In Arona, there are 1,536 properties available, with an average price of €3,371 per square meter.
  • 490 of these properties are in Los Cristianos, with an average price of €4,185 per square meter.
  • Adeje has the same number of properties as Tenerife, nearly 9,500.
  • In Adeje, there are 1,955 properties for sale, and the average price is €4,468 per square meter.
  • Las Americas in Adeje has 156 properties for sale, with an average price of €5,481 per square meter.
  • Costa Adeje, which stretches from half of Las Americas to Callao Salvaje, has 1,200 properties available for sale. The average price per square meter is just over €5,000.

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