Property Prices And Sales In Tenerife July 2023

Here’s a summarized list of significant and interesting points from the article:

  • Yearly Erosion (July 2022 – July 2023):
  • Area of erosion saw a 17.1% increase over a 12-month period.
  • Los Cristianos reported a 20% increase over a 12-month period.
  • The whole area of cost ec witnessed a 33% increase.
  • A 25.5% increase was noted for cost ec.
  • Month-to-Month Change (June 2023 – July 2023):
  • Decrease observed in Los Cristianos.
  • Previous month showed a slight decrease at about -0.1% in property prices.
  • Asking prices for the past two months have remained relatively stagnant.
  • Property Overview for July 2023:
  • A total of 54 properties for sale in all of Tenerife.
  • 1,500 properties available in the whole municipality of Arona.
    • Average asking price: 3,250 euros per square meter.
  • Breaking Arona down:
    • 1,507 properties for sale in Arona.
    • 406 properties are in Los Cristianos.
    • Asking price for Los Cristianos: 4,128 euros per square meter.
  • Adeje municipality:
    • 9,364 properties for sale in Tenerife.
    • 1,834 properties available for purchase.
    • Average asking price: 4,476 euros per square meter.
  • Las Americas in Adeje:
    • Total of 1,834 properties.
    • Las Americas is split between Arona and a decade.
    • 155 properties are for sale in Las Americas.
      • Average asking price: Just under 5,400 euros per square meter.
  • Costa Adeje:
    • It stretches from half of Las Americas up to PayPal.
    • 1,834 properties available in decade (previously mentioned).
    • 1,097 properties for sale along the Costa Adeje.
    • Average asking price: 5,149 euros.

The report provides insights into the property market trends and prices in Tenerife as of the end of July 2023.

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