Things to do in Tenerife – BBQ’s

For anyone who lives permanently in Tenerife, you will be well aware that there are loads of things to do, especially outside in the fresh air.

How about outside in the fresh ‘smokey’ air, with the smell of freshly cooked meat, fish and vegetables drifting in the air.

Most municipalities of Tenerife offer BBQ areas, ready made, all you need to do is bring your charcoal, food, drink and some matches to light the BBQ itself.

Some people make things at home and bring them, like a nice big paella for everyone to share…

…Oh..and don’t forget the wine…

There are BBQ parks all over the island and are very popular at weekends, when families and friends get together and trek off to their favourite areas, so if you’re thinking about going, you generally need to get in early to reserve a table and a BBQ.

…but even after a party, they can be found clean and tidy.  The party goers normally tidy up well before they leave, but the council also send workers to check on the parks and clean them as well.

A number of these parks can be found in the forests around Mt Teide, although in the summer it can sometimes be banned due to sparks flying and causing fires in the forest areas.

Some of these parks are just outside of large towns around the island and are often frequented by friends and families celebrating birthdays or other memorable dates.

These pictures are of some of the parks I have frequented with my family and friends here for birthdays and days out…as you know it doesn’t always have to be a specific celebration to have a party here in Spain… especially in Tenerife.

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