Los Cristianos Sunday market

If you come to Tenerife on holiday it’s always worth at least one visit to the Los Cristianos Sunday market.

The large open air market is fun to walk round with plenty of things going on to keep you entertained.

It really can be a bit of a squash and walking around using wheelchairs, prams and buggies is not that easy but as most people are in a relaxed holiday mood, they are generally accommodating.

As always, in any crowded place don’t forget to keep your hands on your purse or wallet as it’s quite easy to have them lifted.

The Los Cristianos Sunday market isn’t for everyone, there are some items of quality for sale, some bargains but there is also a load of “tat” as well, just like you would find in any market, but if you are here on holiday, as I said before, it’s probably worth a Sunday morning visit to buy some souvenirs for friends and family.

It’s quite easy to find, just walk along the sea front from Los Cristianos with the sea on your right and as you get to the Arona Gran hotel, you’ll see the hustle and bustle of the market on your left.

The market is open for business from about 8.30 am through to about 2.00 pm every Sunday.

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