Luxury Cruise ships on their way to Los Cristianos

The port of Los Cristianos is to get a massive revamp in coming months with spending said to be in the region of €500.000.  According to the Spanish newspaper El Día; having reached an agreement with the Port Authority of Santa Cruz and various cruise companies, November will see the new-look Los Cristianos port host its first luxury cruiser.

The first ship, called Sea Cloud, is not as you might think (myself included) the normal type of large high-rise cruise liner that frequents Santa Cruz, it is actually a very large sailing ship as the picture below shows, when it arrived in Portsmouth.

Sea Cloud will come to Los Cristianos on the dates of, 10th, 16th and 18th of November 2012 and there will be more trips for other ships in 2013, said Alberto Galvan, the commercial director of the port authority.

Following Sea Cloud will be Albatros in April of 2013, now this is a large cruise ship…as the picture below shows.  This is only the start of the influx of the big ships to Los Cristianos, and Pedro Rodriguez Zaragoza, the president of the port authority said the he is currently in negotiations with other cruise ship companies, including Royal Caribbean, to come to Los Cristianos in the future.

The majority of the ships that are due to arrive will hold approximately 1.000 passengers and they will have from the morning to the afternoon to investigate the local area.  “The most important point is that now we are part of an important cruise route, offering something new, and where we also have everything: sun, beach, golf, hiking and shopping” said Mr. Zaragoza.  The mayor of Los Cristianos, Marta Melo said that this is an “historic” announcement, while the mayor of Arona, Jose Alberto Gonzalez Reveron, added that this will really improve the trade for local businesses in Los Cristianos and the port area.

Keep a look out for the ships coming to Los Cristianos, and if you are a business owner in the town, best of luck to you in capturing, what is hoped to be a good increase in trade.

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