Paragliding in Tenerife

You wouldn’t think that dangerous sports would have anything much to do with the island of eternal spring, but here in Tenerife there are plenty of adrenalin hunters.

Very often, when driving along the TF1 motorway on the way past Adeje, paragliders can be seen floating down from the mountains above and you can see them coming down and landing the other side of the motorway.  I took some time to go and find these paragliding pilots to see where they landed.

I took the road from the motorway that goes down to Callao Salvaje and found, not very far, on the left hand side that there was a small industrial estate.  If you go in there and round the back of a mineral water depot, you’ll find a car park full of cars waiting to collect the dare devils.

If you want to see some of them in action you can click to see the paragliders in Adeje, Tenerife.

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